From chaos to order in a few minutes

It takes many seasons to perfect your own planting guide to suit your unique garden conditions. Over the years I have accumulated a large collection of notebooks, computer notes and more importantly ‘neck top’ info to call on but there are many ways to make it a simple part of life. So today while tiding up in the garden I had an idea to combine a planting guide and a system of reusing plant labels.
I use plant tags cut from plastic yogurt containers when I plant seeds so as to identify the species, variety and month planted.
When the tags are no longer needed I’d put them in a box – with the idea of reusing them …but.. There are so many to go through I never bothered, just made new ones.
Within 15 minutes of the idea I had fashioned together a system of pockets on my trusty sewing machine. (Actually most of the time was removing the junk from the sewing table)
I now have 12 pockets so all I need to do is put back the tags in their months as indicated on the tag. As plants successfully ripen and taste good their tags will be placed back in the monthly pocket.

Each month on the planting day all I need to do is to get out the tags for the said month and plant out the required seeds. Of course there will always be new varieties to try as well.


  1. Hi there! I'm a new reader to your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Just wanted to say - this is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Well done!!! that looks so organised, I have tried to organise my seeds into seasons but I think your method is so much better. I think I will have to "borrow" your idea to get myself organised

  3. So easy Deb.....and means you know what to sow when, next year and thereafter. I am going to do it too.

  4. Hi Deb,

    it's Michelle from up the road at Spencer St... love the web site...

    I followed your advice and planted my seeds as per your recommended dates - and have had a much better germination rate that usual...

    So I now have another query for you... I found out that I could take that further and plant out based on root vegetables vs leaf crops etc... so I am wanting to get a biodynamic planting calendar for 2009...

    Can you suggest any specific ones... or indeed where I may get them locally?